With a lifelong dedication to acts of public service, Patrick Gipson is the candidate who understands the assignment and serves.

As a young man, he worked for the public pools as a lifeguard. The energy that resides in the concept of protecting lives transcended to taking the oath to protect and serve his communities as a Deputy Sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for the last twenty-three years. During his time as a Sheriff’s Deputy, his entrepreneurial spirit inspired him to start his own business as a certified firearms safety instructor. Patrick taught Situational Awareness to community college faculty members in the county of Los Angeles. He expanded his business to instructing individuals and business owners on how to protect their properties, assets, and themselves from being a victim of criminal activity.

Patrick knew that there was more to do. Recognizing that military veterans needed to continue making a livelihood after serving their country, Patrick and his wife, Nune, decided to start their own small business and create jobs for those they were training. Their security company has been serving individuals and businesses since. As a servant of those whom he represents, Patrick is forged in his position to SERVE. There is no compromise.

Patrick’s life has been always dedicated to serving the people both in public and private sectors and he promises to continue serving the people when he gets to Congress.


Patrick Lindel Gipson and Brigida Gipson were two Americans who united in holy matrimony and started a family together. 

Their ‘first child’ were actually children, as Brigida birthed twin boys! Born on August 16th, 1972, Patrick is the eldest twin. Patrick’s parents grew the American family with three more children. Full household, indeed!

The Gipson's are a multicultural family. Patrick's father is of Irish decent and his mother is of Mexican American descent. The Gipson siblings were raised primarily by their mother and maternal grandmother, Estefana Acosta. Patrick Sr. had an eleventh-grade education and struggled with alcoholism/chemical dependency, which kept the family in poverty. Despite the instability and financial hardship, Patrick forged a powerful bond between himself and his siblings, instilling in him a lifelong emphasis on family.

During the economic recession of the early 1980s, Patrick’s family was left homeless, and resorted to life at a campground in Bouquet Canyon near Santa Clarita, California. Patrick, only 8 years old at the time, remembers these difficult experiences with a certain fondness. They were tough times, but they provided some of Patrick’s most important life lessons. In an instant, the fear and uncertainty of homelessness were undone by the generosity of a Christian family - also struggling through financial hardship - who took in Patrick’s entire family, and fostered them until they could get on their feet again. For an impressionable 8-year-old, what it meant to walk in faith instead of merely talking about it was made permanently clear.


Patrick graduated from Sylmar High School as a student athlete in 1991. He earned his AA degree at Los Angeles Valley College in 1993. Patrick was then accepted to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Academy, where he graduated in 1999. For the past 23 years, Patrick has proudly served as a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff.


Patrick and his wife, Nune, have been married 11 years now. Nune is an Armenian immigrant who came to the United States in 1993 from Armenia while under Soviet Union communist rule.

Between Patrick and Nune have three Children: 

Alexander, 20, Carmella 16, and Brielle, 10